15 Useful iPhone Shortcuts and Tips To Save Your Time

There are lots of things that you can do with your iPhone. With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll learn all the things your intelligent assistant, your remarkable camera, and your amazing iPhone can do.

#Tips 1 – Manage Incoming Calls

The iPhone is a phone right, so you probably get a lot of calls. You should probably know that pressing either of the volume controls while the phone is ringing will silence your phone, but continue ringing for the caller. Whether on vibrate or loud, the phone will become completely silent.

silence phone

In addition, pressing the On/Off button at the top of the phone will send the call to voicemail. So instead of your phone ringing away, just press the top button to send them straight to voicemail.

send to voicemail

#Tips 2 – Scroll to the Top

Quickly scroll up to the top of a window on the iPhone is very useful tips. Since the screen is so small, you can end up scrolling down a lot when viewing a webpage, reading an email, or sending a text. In Safari, in order to type in a new URL in the address bar, you have to go back to the top. In Messages, you can quickly call or email someone by going to the top.

top button

On the iPhone, just tap the status bar at the very top and you’ll be bought to the very top of the page. Note that you want to tap on the status bar that has the time listed. Saves a lot of finger swiping!

#Tips 3 – Hide the Keyboard

Now you can hide the keyboard. Instead, if you are in landscape mode and have the keyboard up, you can barely read one line of a message conversation:

keyboard iphone

To get rid of the keyboard, you need to tap and swipe down from just above the box where you type in the message like shown below:

hide keyboard

#Tips 4 – Multitasking

Just double tap the Home button while you’re in any app and the multitasking bar will pop up at the bottom. Then you can switch to another open app by just tapping it. Very useful than exiting the app and then finding the other app and then opening it.

multitasking bar

#Tips 5 – Partial Redial

If you go into the Phone app and tap on Keypad and then press the Call button, it will automatically load up the last number you called.

redial iphone

Then just press the Call button again and it’ll call that number. So not automatic redial but partial. Don’t use it all the time, but it comes in handy sometimes.

#Tips 6 – Caps Lock

Sometimes you need to type something and it has to be in all caps. You can press the Shift arrow key with one finger and type with the other or you can simply double-tap the Shift key and it’ll turn blue and white, meaning that Caps Lock is on.

caps lock

#Tips 7 – Zoom into Position

Another super useful trick when typing on your iPhone is the zoom option. A lot of times you have to go back and edit something you typed, but trying to tap with your finger between two characters is half the time impossible and the cursor ends up somewhere else. All you have to do is press and hold your finger over the text and then a magnifier glass will pop up. Slide your finger left or right to move one character left or right at a time. This makes editing text a hundred times easier!

zoom in

#Tips 8 – Emoji Icons

Want to type emoticons while writing text messages? Well, they are already built into the iPhone. Go to Settings, then General, then Keyboards, then International Keyboard and tap to add Emoji.

Now when you go to type, click on the small globe icon and you’ll get a whole bunch of awesome emoticons.


#Tips 9 – Open Camera from Lockscreen

One of the newest and most requested features was the ability to open the Camera app from the lock screen. This has been added and all you have to do is slide your finger up from the lock screen to enter the Camera app directly.

#Tips 10 – Hide Text Message Content

Even though you can’t hide the fact that you have received a text message, you can at least hide the actual message so someone can’t read.  To do this, you just turn off message previews. You can do this by going to Settings, Notifications, Messages and then toggling Show Preview to Off.

hide text message

#Tips 11 – Pinch to zoom

In the camera app, pinch to zoom in and out of a scene up to 5x. You can also use the zoom slider.

Pinch to zoom Iphone tips

#Tips 12 – Use the compass with maps

Tap the Location button in Maps twice to use the built-in compass to orient the map based on the direction you are facing.

iPhone maps key shortcut

#Tips 13 – Learn some keyboard tricks

Tap the space bar twice, and iPhone adds a period and capitalizes the next word. To enter a number or symbol quickly, touch and hold , then select the key you want. Lifting your finger returns you to the alphabet keyboard. Touch and hold a letter to reveal a list of special characters.

useful keyboard tricks

#Tips 14 – Cut, copy, and paste

Find the text you want to edit in a note, email, web page, or other app. You can select a word by double-tapping it, and select more or less text by dragging the grab points. Then tap to cut, copy, or paste. To undo an edit, shake iPhone, then tap the Undo button.

cut copy paste shortcuts in iPhone

#Tips 15 – Read the iPhone User Guide

For more tips, tricks, and instructions, tap the Bookmarks icon in Safari, then select iPhone User Guide.

iPhone user guide pdf

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