5 best alternates to make money online without investment

There are many ways in which people make money online without paying a single dime. Some consider working over a number of freelance jobs posted over sites like Elance and Mturk or join any affiliate programs promoting products or services, some consider the ads to make money. So, if you are treading the path of making money online, there are several options wherein you can make good money without any investment. Let’s check the top five alternates to make money online without any investment in the following paragraphs:


1). Freelance writing projects

Content is considered the heart of the web. All this content has to be written in order to get published over the web, which bring in the freelance writer into the picture. Despite loads of writers available for different websites, you can find a number of freelance writing projects available at different sites. There are many sites like Elance, Freelancer, Odesk, Fiverr, etc. which gives you ample amount of writing projects with handsome money. All you need to do is to bid the right money and get a hold on these.

2). Try out Emails Reading Programs

You can make money by simply reading out different mails, this may sound weird but it’s true. Under certain Emails Reading Programs you end up getting a number of commercial mails, which tend to include several ads, are being mailed over your inbox that you are supposed to read. You are supposed to click over all the ads that come over your mail. Among the different sites, which offer a wide range of mail reading programs, hits4pay is the right one to make good money through these programs.

3). Social Media Marketing

Around 684,478 content pieces are shared every single minute, which gives you enough reason to leverage these platforms to make money. Making money via these platforms is simply as creating Facebook page, Pinterest boards, or Twitter accounts. All you need to do is to start promoting tangible topics. The moment you see the traffic building up over your wall you can start sharing several commercial links and start making money by simply selling different products. There are several services including Adf.ly, which even pay you money by simply sending the visitors via their links.

4). Teach Online

Online education programs are simply on a rise, thanks to the cut throat competition, professionals today simply want to get an edge via different degree programs. Online education gives them greater amount of flexibility and cost effectiveness to secure these degrees and certificates. There are several platforms, wherein you can become teacher without paying a single buck. All you need is a good knowledge about the particular subject you are going to teach. You can choose it from a wide range of subjects to start teaching online and make money.

5). Earn money by web surfing  

There are so many websites, wherein you can simply register and get paid for surfing and clicking to their different ads. However, while choosing these programs, you need to be conscious to find the right one since you can find certain sites, which are simply meant to take people for a ride. The best way is to approach only the trusted and known sites; however, you may not be able to make big money still can be a good start though.

Final word

There are many options available over the web to make money without investing a single buck. The above are some of the best 5 ways of doing so. Try it out and make good money!


Brianne Walter is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on software development


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