5 most downloaded WordPress plugins 2013

WordPress is a wonderful free blogging platform that helps users to manage self hosted websites. WordPress plugins allow you to perform anything out of the box. There are thousands of plugins already associated with every WordPress blog and website. They allow you to modify, customize and enhance your WordPress blog without having you to change the core program of WordPress. Here are the most popular WordPress plugins that have received millions of downloads and you should have some of them at the first place.


1.  Akismet

Downloads: 16,682,479

Akismet plugin protects your blog from spam comments. It ensures that spam doesn’t interfere with your search engine rankings and gives you more time to interact with your active readers. Each time a new comment is posted to your WordPress blog, it’s first taken to the Akismet web service where the comment undergoes a number of tests and informs you whether it is spammed or unspammed. If for some reason your web host is unable to connect to the Akismet servers, the plugin will automatically do the job when you get back the connection.

2.  WordPress SEO by Yoast

Downloads: 5,893,327

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a wonderful plugin that helps you rank better in search results. In other words when you install and activate this plugin, your blog will be positioned in the top pages of search results. This powerful plugin is written from the scratch by WordPress SEO expert Yoast. There are many SEO plugins but none of them are as user-friendly as this. It helps in improving the quality of your content. WordPress SEO allows you to choose a targeted keyword for your article and sees that the targeted keyword is inserted at appropriate places throughout the article. The snippet preview option of WordPress SEO will allow you to see the preview of how your post will appear in the search results. Overall, the plugin helps you in composing content that search engines will love.

3.  WPTouch

Downloads: 4,272,465

WPtouch is a powerful plugin that offers great mobile experience for your WordPress blogs. WPtouch activated websites load pages five times faster than desktop or responsive sites. This plugin allows visitors to switch between WPtouch view and your blog’s regular view. Most of the advanced features such as Ajax loading articles can be easily accessed when browsed via popular touch mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Android devices and more.

4.  Next Gen Gallery

Downloads: 7,982,535

NextGen Gallery is very interesting for the reason that it’s user-friendly and has lots of functions that simplify your life. It receives around 30,000 downloads per week. This Gallery plugin provides advanced photo management tools and fully integrated flash slideshow to your WordPress blog. NextGen is compatible across all Android and iOS devices. It lets you upload multiple images at a time.

5.  Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics helps you know your audience better. It provides you with information such as the geographical location of your site visitors, the browser they use to visit your site and many more facts. By learning the statistics of your audience it will be easy to get a custom design for your site. For example, if most of your visitors lack Flash support, then make sure not to add flash element to your site. Google analytics also tells you about how long the visitors stay on your website, at what time they visit your site and the way they interact with your site’s content.

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