Ace Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template Features And Review

The Ace responsive admin template has a dashboard which displays the overview and stats of all the bootstrap orders, experiments, how much traffic is used on this page, how many page views for this page, list of new followers and any comments and reviews. The traffic usage is shown on the website as a pie chart with various colors representing various traffic sources. Various traffic sources can be social networks, search engines, ad campaigns, direct traffic and other.


This is one of the bootstrap themes which also have the task completion percentage, earnings details and also the detail of the number of downloads happened. The sale statistics are also shown across the domains. On the left hand side of the theme, lot of listings under Typography, UI Elements, Tables, Forms, Widgets, Calendar, Gallery and more pages are incorporated on the website which is for better navigation through various sections. If any version upgrades are happening, those can be intimated by being a member in market place. There is a link to subscribe to the web feeds and to follow them on twitter. If any new versions are released, the details of the upgraded versions are also displayed on the website. Base for this is Bootstrap3. This can be loaded on the phone also.

The attributes of the item including bootstrap version, number of columns, layouts, browsers compatible, categories under which this theme is working and when it is updated and actually when it is released are also displayed on the right side panel through which a person can easily outline about a bootstrap theme. To purchase the theme, a PayPal account is required. An amount of 18 dollars is required to buy this theme which is very affordable. The total number of purchases till date is also shown on the website. Prices depending on the application type are also given on the website, whether it is a single or multiple or extended application.

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