Android users Consuming Data in average

he extent of the use of your internet access via Android phone? Do you just use the Android mobile phone and SMS for the benefit or for internet access?


If you view the habits of the majority of Android users, the average use of internet data per month access the Android users reached 870 MB per month. The study was conducted by a research institute NPD
Connected Intelligence for Android users in Indonesia.

The number of data access is indeed quite a bit. Given today many internet data packets that offer internet packages with more than 1GB of data access number. But the answer was revealed to the use of data over WiFi networks reached 2.5GB per month.

Furthermore, the NPD was posted break down the data by age. And, the most consuming internet packet data are those aged between 18-24 years. The teens aged 18-24 reported drinking an average of data to 1.05GB per month.

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