Barfi Copied From Hollywood Movies – Revealed

Barfi movie is reported to have similarities with the one of the movie named Thiruda Thiruda from South. But there are proofs of this movie being copied from several international movies. It a mix of several movies, each and every scene is copied from some or the other international movie. Today we will reveal the sources from where the movie Barfi scenes are copied from.

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Sources from Where the Movie is Copied From:

Overall, the plotline bears resemblances to Hollywood film Benny & Joon (1993) and Korean film Oasis (2002).

One of the recurring musical themes in Barfi! has been cobbled together by Pritam from two tunes composed by Yann Tiersen that were used in Amelie (2001).

The bank scene in Barfi! where Ranbir evades Saurabh Shukla via a sliding door is from the 1917 Charlie Chaplin short The Adventurer.

The scene where Rupa Ganguly shows Ileana D’Cruz her former boyfriend is from The Notebook (2004). The scene towards the end of Barfi! where Priyanka Chopra snuggles up to Ranbir on his hospital bed is also from the same film.

The scenes of Ranbir getting a twisted nose after he bangs into a door and that of him entertaining Priyanka with a dummy on a sofa are both from Singin’ In The Rain (1952).

The scene where Ranbir wakes up under a covered statue that is being unveiled is from Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights (1931).

The scene where Ranbir tries to get rid of a sticky bit of paper while putting up posters in Kolkata is from a Mr Bean episode titled Back To School.

The scene where Ranbir keeps a nail on the road to stop a passing car is from Kikujiro (1999), down to the shape and size of the nail and the framing of the shot. Incidentally, Myshkin remade the entire film in Tamil as Nandalala (2010), an un-credited remake, of course.

The ladder on a wall gag while Ranbir is evading cops is from the Buster Keaton short Cops (1922). The scene where Ranbir escapes by grabbing onto a bus is also from there.

The scene where Ranbir, on a bicycle, is being chased through narrow lanes is from the Jackie Chan film Project A (1983).

The recurring shots of a hamster in a cage are from Black Cat, White Cat (1988).

The scene where Ranbir is ogling a Sadhu’s crotch is from an advertisement for a Swedish newspaper.

The scene where a pair of headlights rushes towards Priyanka only to be revealed as two bikes is from Mr Nobody (2009).

Ranbir entertaining Priyanka by sticking bits of paper to his eyes and tongue are from Mr Bean shorts and also Mr Bean’s Holiday (2007).

The interrogation scene where Ranbir responds to a question that asks him to reveal everything by starting with his birth is from The Goonies (1985).

Ranbir and Ileana’s goods train date where they distribute food to the needy is from Fried Green Tomatoes (1991).

Over all entire movie has nothing original, almost all the sequences where you will laugh a bit in the movie is copied. Yes, it’s a bit spool sport but you should be informed and should not waste money support thieves isn’t it?

Now what do you think is this the right decision to send the movie Barfi To Oscars?

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