Bedphones Are Ultra-Thin & Light So You Can Sleep

bedphonesPlace these impossibly thin and small Bedphones over your ears and soon you’ll be drifting off to sleepytime land.

The idea was to create unobtrusive headphones that would be conducive to sleep, and at a quarter-inch thick, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing them. Their “memory wire” gently clamps the phones to your ears, and the attached cable connects to any music player or mobile device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Crank up your favorite lullaby (or maybe even some white noise), and if you’re one who needs music to sleep, these $29.95 Bedphones just might do the trick without bothering the neighbors. A clever touch: There’s a satin eye mask tucked into the carrying case.

Memory wire  holds them in place







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