Best Android App With Source Code

Looking for android apps for source code. Here is list of Best Android App With Source Code and admob features:

Recipes App with Admob :

Recipes App is an application under Android platform which can be used to create application about food recipes. If you are a chef or have hobby in cooking then this app is perfect for you. you can create your own application about any food recipes and monetize or share it to the market. with basic knowledge of Android development and only few customization you can easily build your own recipes application.


Android Webview With Progress bar and admob ads :

1. Display custom message on no network connectivity without showing your original website url
2. Progress bar/application loading bar
3. Zoom-in/zoom-out with touch or buttons
4. Admob advertisements
5. Support youtube videos
6. Direct your users to rate your application
7. One touch call , call directly from your app
8. Facebook And Twitter links open in native browser
Documentation contains step by step procedure with screenshots, and code to build your android webview app.


MP3 Search And Download Andorid App With Admob:

Your not making the big bux with web any more? Prepared the join the fastest growing money making opportunity Mobile apps? Well then I have the perfect opportunity for you to start making hundreds a day with Android. With over 500 million android devices, an additional 1.1 million new users, android is a phenomenal way to get started. Now with MP3 Search & Download for Android you can easily make money with Android. No marketing needed, just edit the settings and upload the apk and users do the rest. Sit back and relax as the money flows in.

How it works?
After uploading the apk to the Android Market, users are already searching for ways to download free MP3 so your application will show up on the search results. The first time the user opens the application it asks if they would like to rate the app, this is awesome as it helps your app grow in the grossing/top free sections. As the user searches & downloads song’s Admob ads show up which pay around $0.16 CPM. We also have a share app button in the home screen on the app if users enjoy the app they can text, email, facebook, google+, twitter, tumblr, etc the app to everyone which helps increase your downloads greatly.


more to come.. …

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