Best iOS 6 Features

Best iOS 6 Features: Top iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch picks

What are the best iOS 6 features to get excited about? Here’s T3 pick for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that will liberate your Apple tech when it lands

So it was no show for the iPhone 5 once again at this years’s Apple WWDC conference, but what we did get was our first look at a new MacBook Air, a Retina display-packing MacBook Pro and the worst kept secret in the world, iOS 6.

Set to bring new features to the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 2nd generation iPads and newer, and the 4th generation iPod touch, an iOS 6 release date has been confirmed for the autumn. Covering the key additions from a raft of new goodies, we break down our pick of the best iOS 6 features to get excited about.

1. Apple iOS 6: Siri gets smarter

If you were struggling to find reasons why the voice assistant announced with the iPhone 4S actually was of any use, Siri can now launch apps and learn more about content such as sports and movies. Perhaps the most important development though is that the Siri will now be supported for the iPad.

2. Apple iOS 6: New Maps app

After Google revamped its own Maps service, Apple has now introduced its own take on getting from A to B with a mapping service that Apple claims already has 100 million business listings. It also boasts turn-by-turn navigation and a 3D view over cities that from the early glimpses look pretty slick. Best of all, it’s also coming to the iPad.

3. Apple iOS 6: Facetime over 3G

This is one of the iOS 6 features that has long been rumoured and Apple has now confirmed that you will no longer have to wait until you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection to get some transatlantic video chat time in.

4. Apple iOS 6: Facebook integration

Mark Zuckerberg may well be plotting a proper Facebook smartphone, but if you own an iPhone, you can now experience a more deeply integrated experience of the friend-collecting site which includes the ability to post pictures from Safari, Maps and Photos. Additionally,  you can now ‘like’ apps in the iTunes Store, which means Apple and Facebook are playing nice for now…


5. Apple iOS 6: Stuck in a meeting

The Cupertino company prides itself on making day-to-day life easier and with iOS 6, you can now be reminded to get back to someone who has interrupted an important engagement by call or message. The new ‘Remind me when I leave’ feature also means before you leave a certain location, you can get a nudge to make that call, before you can make an excuse about why you didn’t show your face down the pub.


6. Apple iOS 6: Do not disturb

Like the smartphone equivalent of hanging a sock on the doorknob, Apple has introduced the ability to mute notifications and screen phone calls so you are not awaken from your sleepy slumber. That is, if you are not desperate to know that someone who has tweeted you at three in the morning.

7. Apple iOS 6: Mac and smartphone browser integration

Working a little bit like the Google Chrome to phone app for Android, iPhone and iPad users will now be able to access apps saved on their desktop from their smartphone or Apple PMP. Apple has also added Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-like capability to save content offline that you catch up on and read later.

8. Apple iOS 6: Shared Photo streams

Building on the Photo Stream capabilities introduced in iOS 5, users can now share snaps across all devices and share photo streams with friends and comment on your favourite or least favourite pics. Apple TV owners will also be able to view pictures over the streaming set-top box.


9. Apple iOS 6: Passbook

Paving the way for a paper-free existence, Apple is working with the likes of United Airlines to create the easiest way to store your tickets or boarding passes on your smartphone or Apple tablet without having to worry if you’ve left the house without it.

10. Apple iOS 6: Lost mode

Firming up the security for your iOS device, Apple is introducing ‘Lost Mode’ which builds on the already available ‘Find My iPhone’ service, and enables users to send a phone number to their Apple smartphone in the faint hope that the person that who has got their hands on your phone can return the call and give it back.


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