Best JavaScript Project Management Tools

Project management is arguably the most important discipline for any business. If your business can’t properly break down the tasks necessary to complete a project, estimate the time to complete those tasks, and prioritize that work, you’re at risk of setting improper expectations for customers.

1.Architect Lite – HTML Builder (Front-End Version)

Architect Lite is a javascript application that allows users to build custom HTML designs via drag and drop with no coding knowledge. It is perfect for bundling with your template on themeforest or integrating into your existing projects.


2.FeedbackNow, a Feedback with Screenshot

FeedbackNow a jQuery Plugin-Submits information to the developers of the system, as errors, ideas, comments, etc. capture an area on the screen that you wish to report, everything in an easy and friendly way.


3.Table Sorcerer – jQuery UI Table Management Suite

Sorcerer is a jQuery UI widget that enhances HTML tables with features that provide interactivity and a better user experience.It adds interactive features such as Collapsible, Movable & Resizable columns, managerial features like Filtering, Sorting & Pagination and even state maintenance through History & Viewstate.


4.FireGrid – Tool for web designers

A fire icon allows you to turn on and off the grid whenever you want, for example you can enable FireGrid to check the alignment of a specific element on the screen, then by clicking on the fire icon you can turn off the grid to work on the CSS with FireBug or the Chrome Developer Tools and then you can turn on again the grid to verify your work.


5.mioInvoice – PHP / jQuery Invoice Module

mioInvoice provides a way for developers to quickly incorporate invoicing functionality into their existing projects. Moreover, it provides a nice framework for starting a new project from scratch.


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