Best Offshore Web Hosting 2012

Now many people are aware of act like DMCA and Sopa,Pipa Bills. So if you have any copyright content in your websites then its better to move to offshore web hosting.

What is offshore hosting?

The term “offshore” denotes a kind of tax avoidance and sketchy business policy. Offshore Web hosting is, at times, an integral part of business world. North America is an ideal example where it is preferred because of the issue of privacy and security standards, which can be delivered outside of American soil only.There are various factors that prompt you to think of a hosting provider outside of your home country. They are:

*The companies of well repute can block your site with the aid of money and lawyers due to the issue of controversial content published by you.
*The advantage of guaranteeing yourself multiple mirror locations in order to have protection from natural disasters and blackouts.
*This endows you with protection from restrictive censorship.
*Content-delivery to audiences away from your main hosting source is properly done.
*Against the hackers, it provides you with greater security.

Best Offshore Hosting:

The offshore hosting which allows any kinds stuffs(ANYTHING)is best offshore hosting.

Here is best offshore host that you may be interested:

Best Offshore Shared Web hosting with cheapest price:


unlimited space/unlimited bandwith/unlimited sites

Easy Site Builder
Ecommerce Ready
Unlimited Features
Virus and Spam Prevention
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

price starts fromĀ  only $1.95/month

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UnderHost Offshore Hosting

Best Offshore Reseller Web Hosting with cheapest price :

All hosting features like normal host comes with cpanel/whm
Price Starts from only 24.95/month
UnderHost Offshore Hosting

Best Offshore VPSĀ  Hosting with cheapest price:

800 Mhz+
256 MB
10 GB
200 GB

Price Starts From Only $59.95

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UnderHost Offshore Hosting

Best Offshore Dedicated Web Hosting with cheapest price:

Intel Core i3 2100 CPU
500GB SATA II Hard Drive (7.200RPM)
10 000GB/month (10TB)
100mbps Uplink
No Setup Fee

Price Starts From Only $129.95

UnderHost Offshore Hosting

I am using underhost Offshore web hosting service and its providing really good service. service,communication,support and uptime are really good.Write your underhost review in comments.
UnderHost Offshore Hosting

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