Best Time To Publish Blog Posts To Get More Visitors

You’ve got a great new blog post ready to publish and you know that your readers are going to love it, but should you post right away or wait for a more suitable time of day?  Should you post to your blog in the morning?  At lunch time?  Or maybe at the end of the day, just before you go to bed?  A new infographic from KISSmetrics reveals not only the pros and cons of posting during both high and low activity hours, but also pinpoints the best time to post to your blog.

The data in this latest infographic, which is presented in Eastern Time (EST), points out some interesting trends:

  • The average blog gets the most traffic around 11AM
  • The average blog gets the most comments around 9AM, as well as on Saturdays
  • The average blog usually gets the most inbound links around 7AM, and especially on Mondays and Thursdays

It is clear from this data that mornings are favorable, when it comes to posting.  That being said, you should always refer to your own site analytics to figure out which times work best for you.  Take this information as a guideline and test things out.  Try posting at 9AM one day and see how many hits you get, then post at 11AM the next day and see what happens.  After time, you’ll fall into a schedule that works for you and your readers.

Best Time To Publish Blog Posts Infographic

Check out the infographic above and let us know what you think. What time do you find works best for posting to your blog?

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