Booking Accommodation WordPress Theme-WP Rentals

WP Rentals is a WordPress booking platform that allows you to publish & offer properties for rent. You can allow owners to signup and publish their own listings, while you are making a commission for each submission or for each confirmed booking.

WP Rentals is a multi-featured theme. Users can register via facebook, gmail or yahoo, and they can publish or rent properties from user dashboard. When submitting a new property, users can setup custom price per period, set discounts for longer periods, or manage calendar availability for each property.

Admin can accept payments via Paypal or Stripe for publishing new properties and/or for confirmed bookings (a % fee from total booking invoice can go to admin). The theme comes with a private internal message system monitored by admin that handles all messages between registered users. Users cannot see owner contact information (phone, email) until they have at least one confirmed booking.

wo rental

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