How to Control Sharing on Facebook Privacy Setting

Sharing on Facebook Privacy Setting:

This section controls who can see all the content you post on a day-to-day basis (such as status updates, photos and videos).

It also includes some things you share about yourself (birthday and contact information) and content others share about you (comments on your posts and photos and videos you’ve been tagged in).

Set these now with one click, and your settings will apply to all the day-to-day content you post in the future. “Customize settings” displays a full list so you can control the privacy level for each setting.

Go to your  Privacy Settings page, which you can access from the Account dropdown menu at the top right corner of every Facebook page. After that click on Customize settings

privacy setting on facebook

Change facebook privacy setting Sharing on Facebook

Here you can customize who can see and comment on things you share, things on your Wall and things you’re tagged in.

change privacy setting on facebook things others share

Change privacy setting on facebook things I share

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