Chhadke Nepali Movie Preview , Review And Box Office Collection

Chhadke Nepali Movie Preview :

Chhadke_Full _Movie

Chhadke much awaited Nepali movie will hit theaters in Feb 22, 2013. Here is  Nepali movie Chadke crew and cast details :

Director: Nigam Shrestha

Producer:  Madhav Wagle and Narendra Maharjan (who also produced movie LOOT)

Cast: Robin Tamang (from the popular Rock Band “Robin and the new Revolution”)

Saugat Malla (actor in LOOT -Pasa)

Arpan Thapa

Dayahang Rai (actor in LOOT)

Sunil Pokharel

Raj Neupane

Namrata Shrestha


Nepali Movie Chhadke Officail  Trailer :

Nepali Movie Chhadke Review  :

When the first posters of ‘Chhadke’ came out, the new Nepali movie sensation that has taken over Kathmandu; it had mine and Kathmandu’s curiosity, with its unique and well bestowed look designed by the designer Ananda Maharjan. When the first look trailer came out, the movie had our attention.

With a young crew, and the story revolving around high contrast and saturated images of Chitwan and gang warfare between young faction gangs in that area, fighting for territory. The movie seemed to offer a new topic, one of a throbbing and bulging issue often overlooked in and around Nepali political and crime scene.

The promo paraded young men, making jokes, fighting and plotting; with never before seen avatars for well-known celebrities such as Namrata Shrestha and Robin Tamang and a different look for popular actor like Saugat Malla apart from the violent bad guy stereotype that has made him so popular.

The posters and trailer campaign made the movie an instant sensation amongst youth and the movie has fared houseful in the first two days upon release.  I finally got a chance to watch the movie today and thought I’d share my views towards it, without spoiling the movie in any ways to the hopeful viewers (I intend).

The movie, from the production duo of Madhav Wagle and Narendra Maharjan, the producers of early sensation ‘Loot’, has justifiably garnered comparisons with it. And it must be said that this movie is in many and almost all of the ways vastly different from ‘Loot’.

This movie is slow paced and direct, as opposed to the meaning the name of the movie would suggest. The movie Chhadke has nothing Chhadke about it, in terms of plot twists and it almost delivers exactly what it suggest when it starts off. For some it might leave a sour taste as one would expect plot twists from a commercial movie, but like most of the commercial movies that has released lately, ‘Chhadke’ too wanders confused whether to take a commercial movie’s direction or towards a more artistic and morally enriched body of work. At times during the movie it even comes off as an education documentary or a documentary to attract tourism to Chitwan, but quickly shakes itself and goes about the path it most certainly would have started off at, a bloody and violent gang war related saga.

Director Nigam Shrestha is a clever director. He brings in a rich blend of seasoned actors from theatres and celebrity names to entice the targeted audience of youth in Nepal. He has a list of eye-candies in the movie and they all do the part they were brought in for. But, very cleverly, the director divides characters and roles to actors in such ways that the seasoned actors would get the difficult bits and the celebrities who come from a rather different platform, don’t have to do so much of the acting. The result, actors such as Namrata Shrestha, Robin Tamang and Nikun Shrestha are cleverly used to give the movie a cool look while the likes of Saugat Malla, Bipin Karki and Arpan Thapa do the actual heavy acting. The movie looks quite well-acted hence, probably containing the most balanced performance from the entire cast in a long-long time.

When it comes to acting, Bipin Karki’s lean and thin, loud mouth and joke cracking gangster leader of ‘Kuri Gang’ is probably the character that drew most to the theaters. The jokes he crack in the promos were hilarious and in the movie he does his part very well, of being the funny but utter idiot to drive the subtle madness needed for the taking of lives, to an extent to make him a blaming goat he’s always shown as running his mouth and not doing much of the killing. Nikun Shrestha and Namrata Shrestha are the fulcrum of the movie, but acting wise, they have very less to do, so is the case for most of the eye-candy characters in the movie. They do give you the illusion of fierceness however with their often used silent stills but their body and acting do not allow as much to put them directly into the audience’s mind as gang leaders. I often found myself wondering why Namrata’s character, despite having a horrible backstory and always angry and discontent look, would care so much for her make-up and hair.

For me, the ace of spade in the movie, in terms of acting was Arpan Thapa. His portrait of Bokshi, a remorseless killer, was the best acting performance in the movie. The fact that he had so less to leave his mark in the movie and he does, speaks volume in itself. His character must be the most intimidating one amongst all the villains in the movie and whenever he gets a chance to shine in the screen, which was rather few for my own liking, he owns it.

I think Saugat Malla is a brilliant actor, but he sometimes overacts. I have always found that the most theater actors overact in movies as they are used to acting on stage with no camara zooms and elaborate sets and limited props with audience sitting so far away from them. Saugat needs to understand that in the movie screen he doesn’t need to express elaborate emotions and strike extravagant poses, it’d be more natural not to do that. However I take nothing away from the abundance of talent this guy has, when he seasons and has some more movies under his belt, he’s surely going to the pride of Nepali cinema.

Actors like Sunil Pokharel and Dayahang Rai look the parts and do their work pretty well. In fact, all actors, even the extras, in the movie do the work bestowed to them well and its kudos the director to be able to extract the amount of work required and to the capability of each of the actors.

The movie’s cinematography is very good, one of the biggest strengths it has, and the movie banks on it a lot. I didn’t like some the hand-held camera sequences but apart from that the camerawork is pretty good too.

However, the editing lags in some places and hence the audience is left confused or wondering during some parts. The movie if considered a long chain, seem broken or loose at some links due to the lagging of the editing and story’s script progression and hence seems at part a commercial action movie or a documentary or even an art movie. Its really confusing, and is something that would put off most of the audience who would loose their patience  since they bought the ticket expecting a pop-corn flick as ‘Loot’, which this movie is not.

The movie has some computer edited scenes and animations. At some parts I could clearly tell they are computer edited without much effort which is not good, but at least they were giving it a decent try with a limited budget.

The movie’s biggest weakness is its story, which it does not have much of. Such small of the story stretched to a 2 hour length drags the movie to become quite slow. With all the gore and violence and dirty jokes and shining starts, the movie is still extremely slow paced and the soundtrack of folk music doesn’t help the cause.

The movie’s moral norms that it tries to uphold during the 2nd half makes it seem even slower then it actually is. Its lengthy, though beautifully, panned shots of the jungles of Sauraha and the description of its plants and animal wild life make it seem like an educational documentary. It is so much of a drawback that it almost killed the movie for me as I didn’t go into the cinema hall with a mindset to get educated.

What saves it is the accumulated acting of the cast and the beautifully shot sceneries. However, I’d still doubt if I had the patience to watch this movie twice, its that slow of pace.

All in all, I’d like to warn the people who are interested to watch this movie to not expect an all fun filled no brainer action flick as ‘Loot’ was. This movie doesn’t lie for what it has shown in the promos and may even hold some surprises but it’s not an all in all action flick. Its young crew makes a lot of mistakes here, and as of its nature as a technical movie with a moral compass, still containing action and gore, the mistakes do stand out. Some might find it boring, some might find it meaningless but everyone would get the message it tries to send, through the linier plot it narrates. It doesn’t stray from the subject, though jump from time to time through movie genres, and the acting is good here. If you would grant this movie our patience, it will entertain you.

The movie has a strong crew and is technically quite good. It is original and at times innovative, and it can be regarded in my point of view, as a right direction towards progress, but I did find myself being bored during about 1/3rd of the movie, so I’d not blame you, if you won’t like it.

Nepali Movie Chadke Box Office Collection

First week Nepali movie chadke box office collection   gross income around 80 lakhs


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