David Beckham’s death hoax quickly spread across Twitter

It started with a statement on a fake Web tabloid and quickly spread across Twitter and other social platforms, but rest assured soccer fans; David Beckham is not dead.

The hoax tabloid dumbed “Global Associated News,” announced on Wednesday morning that football star David Beckham had died in a single vehicle crash on route 80 between Morristown and Roswell.

David Beckham die in a Car Crash

David Beckham

The fake tabloid did not fall short of going into the so- called details of the accident.

“Highway Safety Investigators have told reporters that David Beckham lost control while driving a friend’s vehicle on Interstate 80 and rolled the vehicle several times killing him instantly,” they reported adding that he had been identified by photo ID.

Worried fans took straight to Twitter #RIPTROYDAVIS looking for reliable sources for the footballer’s apparent death.

” Ok people I really REALLY need to find out if David Beckham died….HELP ME OUT!,” one fan wrote. “These rumors should stop, they are not true. Why do peeps feel they can play with death,” another fan said stubbing the rumors.

False celebrity deaths have become growing online trends in recent months from Lil Wayne to Miley Cyrus. Fake reports have been using elaborate methods to tricks fans, using logos of reliable news sources and elaborating drafting details of the deaths.

It is believed that David Beckham‘s name initially trended following a promotional campaign for his cologne with in the Ellen Degeneres show, where he dressed up as a salesman selling his own perfume, before propagandists spread these false rumors.

Live Twitter feed: David Beckham’s death hoax

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