Do you know the Funniest and Craziest Domain Names?

Funny and Crazy Domain Names


There are millions of educational and entertaining websites on the Internet today and then there are those that just don’t make any sense. Or some might make sense but when you look at the domain name you are once again finding yourself puzzled. As we have way too much spare time on our hands we have listed some of these websites that makes you go huh?! If you own a crazy domain name, be sure to post it down in the comments.

What were they thinking?

We are sorry but we just had to mention this crazy domain name. This is one of those examples when people really have not thought things through properly. The website obviously has nothing to do with prostitution, as it is the great ski resort of North Lake Tahoe, but when you look at it quick you might get the wrong idea. Remember, always hire a seventeen year old boy to look at any advertising, marketing, or website campaign.


Religious perverts?

Baptists obviously are not that fussy when it comes to domain names. What should be a website dedicated to the good lord has instead become a big joke of the Internet. Are we laughing? My God yes!

Oh, so bad…

This is yet another example where something good just ends up sounding so good. This site’s name is so wrong on so many levels but you have to heckle at mistakes like this. And it begs to any therapist, could some become traumatized from the title of the site?


If you wish to do a goooooooooooooooooooooooooogle search

Who would have thought that Google had a much longer and funny step-brother? Add a couple of o’s (the domain consists of 63 characters) to the address and you will come to a site with many similarities to the most well-known search engine today (not the same owners we might add). Do a Goooooooooooooooooooo…… Search or click the “I’m Feee€ëëëeeeling Luuuuüüucky” button if you are…. Well if you are feeling lucky I guess.

Those crazy Japanese


This domain name shows that there are way too many lazy online entrepreneurs. How hard can it to come up with a name that in some way indicates what you are going to find? The website itself is dental clinic. If you are easily disgusted by brown teeth you are better off not visiting this site.


The first Capital of the United States

This is one of those really unnecessary websites that does not contain anything of value. It is for sure one long domain name to answer the question: what was the first capital of the United States? You sometimes have to wonder if people do not have too much spare time.


Trying to get into Guinness

Although unclear if it is the longest domain name in the world they have at least tried their and it is surely long enough to get on our list. The site owner submitted the domain as a record attempt to the Guinness Book of Records but unfortunately got declined because “there is no merit whatsoever in this. It takes little to no effort and is similar to taking the largest number in the world and then adding 1 to it.” What can we say, those guys at Guinness take pride in their records.


Web hosting humor

This is the hosting industry at its funniest… The web hosting company Network Solutions owns the domain and when typing it in the browser you will get redirected to their site. Being hosting geeks ourselves we have to agree and say; yes, that was kinda funny.

The Home of Dr. Evil?

OK, the “3” reveals that it is a subdomain but the site still deserves some recognition. Dr. Evil will greet you on the homepage. What on earth? The answer is a bit hidden in the clouds. Maybe Dr.Evil has some kind of master plan that requires a website with a domain name in the shape of the number Pi.

What is that answer now again?

This has to be one of the more bizarre websites that I have ever stumbled upon. The domain name consists of one very long questions and the website simply gives you the answer. What the answer is? Well, as the page so clearly shows:

Now, why can not all websites be this clear? Every time I look for an answer to a question about WordPress I have to visit at least three different sites before finding it.


Oh no you didn’t…

This has to be one of the worst domain names I have ever seen. Obviously the site has nothing to do with a poor girl named Emma. No, it is a site with an aim to educate people in the scientific area. Those science geeks might be good at astronomy but picking domain names surely is not their area of expertise.

Putting Wales on the map

Those crazy Welsh seem to do almost anything to put their part of the world on the map. This is apparently not only a stupendous domain name – it is also the name of a real city in Wales and it should be translated as “St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St Tysilio of the red cave”. Yes, it is a very obvious publicity stunt and yes, we like it!

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