Download Latest Facebook Camera for iPhone

Facebook Camera, the official app that lets you rapidly share photos on Facebook, now features notifications for tags, likes and comments.

Users can now add photos to an album they choose, or create a new one. Likes and comments are now available for posts with multiple photos, and individual comments now display likes as well.

Download Facebook Camera 1.1 app

You now get to see the names and profile pictures for everyone who liked a photo and, when you expand photos to fullscreen, long captions are easier to read. The app has also been translated to over ten new languages including French, German, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and Spanish.

Facebook Camera for Android

Facebook Camera iPhone screenshots

The app works a lot like Instagram, coming with 14 filters, including Hudson, Earlybird and Sutro. The app also lets users tag friends and locations, add a description, and post quickly within the app.

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