Download SecureZIP Reader for iOS devices

PKWARE announced SecureZIP Reader for iOS, an application that secures enterprise and government data on phones and tablets.

You can read your ZIP files that are strongly encrypted with both passphrases and x.509 digital certificates.  The SecureZIP solution secures corporate information that end-users send to the Cloud via file-sharing applications, like DropBox, or email, to access on their mobile devices.

Download SecureZIP Reader

“With the ‘consumerization of IT’, CISOs are struggling to secure data sent through the Cloud to phones and tablets. We are very pleased that SecureZIP Reader is now available on the iPad and iPhone. No longer does someone have to send data ‘in the clear’ to a mobile device,” said V. Miller Newton, CEO for PKWARE. “The SecureZIP Solution now solves the security problem that BYOD and the cloud have created.”

Features of SecureZIP Reader:
• Preview files within an archive
• Browse and review the contents of your ZIP files
• Open Secure ZIP files with a passphase or digital certificate
• Open the contents of ZIP files in associated apps
• Open ZIP files from Mail
• Open ZIP files from the web
• Supports .ZIP, .ZIPX, and SFX files

download SecureZIP Reader free

SecureZIP Reader for iOS

SecureZIP Reader is a free application for iOS devices and is available in the App store.  SecureZIP Reader for Android and Kindle Fire will be available in the second quarter of 2012.

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