Every Minute 60 Hours of Video Are Uploaded to YouTube

YouTube users now upload an hour of video to the site every second – making a decade of video every day.

Videos on the site are viewed four billion times every day – a rise of 25 per cent in the last eight months. The amount of video uploaded to the site has multiplied tenfold in just four years.The equivalent of half the world’s population watches a video on YouTube every day. The site was bought by Google for £1 billion after it was started by three people in a garage in 2005.

YouTube's take on the new statistics: The site also has four billion video views per day
Youtube has four billion video views per day

Since the dawn of YouTube, we’ve been sharing the hours of video you upload every minute,‘ said the site via the official YouTube blog.

In 2007 we started at six hours, then in 2010 we were at 24 hours, then 35, then 48, and now…60 hours of video every minute, an increase of more than 30 percent in the last eight months.’

‘There are now as many video views as there are US $1 bills in circulation, the same as number of years since there was water on Mars…it’s a big number, and you’re making it bigger every day.’

This year, Google unveiled ‘Channels‘ on the site in an effort to make it more ‘TV-like‘ – and more advertiser-friendly. It was the biggest visual overhaul for YouTube since the site was acquired by Google. YouTube is confident that the numbers will continue to grow.

‘With more original Channels rolling out this year, a new homepage to help you find and follow Channels you love, and new tools for creators always on the horizon, we’re excited to see how many times you’ll grow these numbers this year,’ said the site.

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