Facebook beats Google to become number one site of the world

Social Network Giant Facebook.com  has become most visited site all over the world from July 21st 2012 according to Alexa.com (Best site to measure website traffic) While search engine Giant Google.com is left behind in number two position.

Facebook Rank Number 1 (Screenshot)

facebook traffic statsGoogle Rank Number 2 (screenshot)

google traffic stats

Facebook Vs Google Traffic



TOP 10 Sites Of the World Now( Alexa Rank)

1) Facebook.com

2) Google.com

3) Youtube.com

4) Yahoo.com

5) Baidu.com

6) Wikipedia.org

7) Live.com

8)  QQ.com

9)  Amazon.com

10)  LinkedIn.com

(List updated- 24th july 2012)


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