Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joins Google+!

google-plus-mark-zuckerberg Oh my God, you can’t believe this! The Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has joined in Google+ (Google Plus), the recently announced social networking site from search engine Google. But, Google has not yet confirmed it.

The technology blog CNET reported that there were three profiles with Zuckerberg’s name. Two of the accounts have the name ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ and the other one has ‘Fake Zuckerberg’. One of the account have Zuckerberg’s photo!

Interestingly, the account with Mark Zuckerberg’s photo had 22 people in his ‘Circle’ and 2994 people have added him to their ‘Circles’. But, there was no activity reported in this account and messages were also not appeared.


Google said that it doesn’t authenticate user names. Currently, Google Plus is available to limited users and some of them can invite their friends to their Circles. Unlike the Facebook, Google+ allows users to make separate Circles with selected friends. Posts, messages and links posted in this Circle will be available to the members of the particular Circle only. Click here to see Google+ Tips & Tricks.

Anyhow, the Billion Dollar question is, ‘Is it Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg?’ What do you think? Let’s know through comments.

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