Facebook Chat Has Changed… Is This Awesome?

Remember last week when Facebook announced that “something awesome” was coming… Well there’s been a change to Facebook chat and the layout of it along with some of the functionality. So, Facebook chat has changed and we want to know from you if you think this is awesome or not.

Facebook chat is one of the things that has helped the social network to grow so quickly. Now it’s had a bit of a makeover and it will undoubtedly cause a bit of an uproar as any of the changes to the site has done in the past, this is a trend that will continue to aggravate Facebook users.

Previously we had a choice of either a popout version of chat where you could talk to many people simultaneously in their own chat box, when it wasn’t in that mode you had the choice of having it online or offline in a toolbar along the bottom of the webpage. Each conversation would open its own mini tab and you could happily chat away to your friends.

The changes have made the chat box appear on the right hand side of your screens and instead of being online or offline, under the settings part you have “Available to chat” and you can either tick this if you want your Facebook pals too see your availability or un-tick it for stealth mode. You can also hide the sidebar and it will revert back to showing you how many people are online of “Offline” if you have un-ticked the availability and minimized the bar.

The way that the Facebook design team has made this new sideways chat bar is pretty cool but something we have noticed already is that you can’t see everyone that’s online as there’s no scrollbar. When you hold control and roll your mouse roller so you zoom out, all of a sudden you start seeing more people online. In other words as things stand if your first name begins with a “Z” then you aren’t going to be seen by your friends if they wanted to chat to you.

The same window down the side also displays people that are offline which seems strange, the people that appeared as offline contacts on our list are people that we talk to regularly. We also noticed that the new messaging functionality wasn’t working properly which is obviously linked to the new chat functionality. We did also see the ability to be able to add someone else to your conversation however this has since disappeared.

What do you think of the new Facebook chat? Do you like it or will you be joining a group to try and get them to change it back? Let us know in the comments section below.

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