Facebook Launches its own Google+ Hangouts like Group Video Chat

Facebook’s awesome launch of Skype powered video chat feature that allows users to have 1 on 1 video conversations with friends did not manage to create a buzz and Facebook does not provide any group video chat feature yet. Now, Facebook users that are dying to have group video chat with friends are wondering if they should hang out with their buddies on Google+, instead.

If you are not on Google+ yet, or would like to experience a similar group video chat feature on Facebook, then you can try out this new Facebook app called Social Hangouts. Social Hangouts allows 20 people to connect and have group video chats on Facebook . Once you add the app to your Facebook account, you can choose up to 20 friends that have webcams installed in their computers, from your friends list, invite them for chat, and enjoy a live video chat with them in no time.

An alternative to the Google Hangouts feature on Google Plus was introduced in the form of Social Hangouts on Facebook, which enables video chatting with up to 20 friends without leaving the social network’s platform.

While Facebook and Skype teamed up to debut a video chat feature of their own, the developers of Social Hangouts say group videoconferencing isn’t part of the deal.

Readers, have you tried the third-party application Social Hangouts? What do you think of it?



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