Facebook Hacks Put California Stalker In Jail For 4 Years

A man in California who was caught not only hacking into women’s Facebook accounts, but storing and sharing folders with nude or semi-nude images of the women was sentenced to four years in jail on Friday by a state judge.

facebook hacking

George Bronk was able to use clues on Facebook to guess the security questions to user’s profiles. Once he got into an account he would search for nude pictures or videos women sent their husbands or boyfriends, and then distribute the images to all those women’s friends.

(Warning: It doesn’t matter how difficult your password is to guess if you make your security question something obvious. For example, if you choose “what was the name of your highschool?” for your security question, but you display the name of your highschool on Facebook, you can probably easily get hacked).

Bronk would send emails of the photos to the woman’s families, friends, and coworkers in more than 17 different states, the District of Columbia, and England, according to Associated Press.

“This case serves as a stark example of what occurs in so-called cyberspace. It has very real consequences,” Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Lawrence Brown said. “The intrusion of one’s profile is no different than intruding one’s home.”

Bronk received eight more months for charges related to child pornography.

His attorney, Monica Lynch, had sought a sentence of one year in local jail followed by probation, or two years in state prison with no probation. The judge rejected her plea for a lighter sentence, saying Bronk was no different from a peeping Tom.

At a hearing earlier this year, his mother, Joyce Bronk, said her son told her he needed help for a drinking problem. He was allegedly attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and taking classes to be trained as an emergency medical technician, according to reports.

His mom told AP, “This was an Internet persona he created when he was a drunk.”

His dreams to be a paramedic will never be able to come to fruition, as he’ll have to register as a sex offender once he gets out of the slammer, his attorney said.

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