Facebook adds new Ticker feature

Facebook has started to roll a new feature called Ticker, which will showcase all updates in real-time. The new functionality will feature status updates, likes, photo postings and what-not as they happen. Ticker will not replace the current news feed, but instead will appear to the right of it.

Facebook’s news feed will increasingly focus on “Highlights” or top stories, according to the All Facebook blog, but that is likely to mean a lot of repetition across the page.

What is the Ticker section on the home page?

The Ticker section on the right side of your home page lets you see all your friends’ activity in real time. You can click each update to see a full version of the story. This section updates as soon as things happen to give you a complete picture of what your friends are doing right now.

Facebook new feature live feed ticker screen shot image.


So far only a few users have seen the update affect their homepage landscape, but it is believed that all users are in line for the switch. The new ticker also boasts a new means of commenting on and liking posts. As you mouse over an item it will spread across the main news feed and allow you to respond.


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