Find your Facebook Profile Blockers with new Trick


Find your Facebook Profile Blockers

Scam Signature Message:

Find your Profile Blockers with new Trick

Scam Type:  Malware, Profile Peeker, Fake Event

Trending: July 2011

Why it’s a Scam:

Clicking the wall post link takes you to the  following bogus Facebook Event:


Find your Profile Blockers with new Trick: Scam

Here the scammers want you to copy and paste code directly into your address bar. Never, ever copy and paste code directly into your browser. You bypass security controls built into your web browser, and you totally expose your computer to the code creators. Sometimes you might be lucky and just have a survey scam load. However; keep in mind that some of the survey scams deliver malware in the downloads.

Profile spy and stalker apps are all bogus and violate Facebook’s TOS, and developers do not have access to the information required to complete such applications.

How to Deal with the Scam:

If your anti-virus software failed to block the intrusion, then you could be spamming your friends with the scammer’s message. You should clean-up your Newsfeed and profile to remove references to the scam. (click the “x” in the top right hand corner of the post). If your installed anti-virus program caught the malware attempt, then your system should not be affected. If you don’t have anti-virus software installed, then you need to that immediately and run a full system scan.

Sadly, over 13,000 people have fallen victim to this scam so far. Click here to be taken to the actual scam page so you can report it to Facebook. You will find the “report page” link in the bottom left column.

If you or your Facebook friends are falling for tricks like this, it’s time to get yourself informed of the latest threats. Thank you for sharing information friends.

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