Facebook Saddened By England Childhood Mascot Death

The use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are on the increase and its fair to say that many of you probably cannot live without either. Used as a way of staying in touch with family and friends, being able to upload and share photos, join events, play games and so on just of the acquired benefits.

In relation to both, we often post articles on a whole range of topics from serious news through to happier times and just damn right crazy. Today its the saddened news of an 18-year old youngster by the name of Robert Sebbage, who for those not familiar with the name, may remember his debut as one of the England game mascots against Brazil in 2007. Courtesy of Metro, you can see an image of Sebbage below next to famous footballer David Beckham.

At a young age of just 14, Sebbage became involved with what can only be described as a “dream come true” for most lads approaching the same age. Sebbage was chosen through the charity “Rays of Sunshine” to become an England mascot because he was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Just 18-years old, Sebbage died yesterday due to reports of an argument that had flared up outside a Greek nightclub. On the island of Lagana resort, reports suggested that Robert who was on holiday for the first time with a group of his friends, got into an argument with some taxi drivers due to accusations of laser pens being used in front of the drivers. Following on from this, Robert was stabbed and passed away due to his injuries.

Two Greek drivers, one of which is now facing a murder charge and the other is accused of his involvement of the murder.

For those that know Robert, have set up a Facebook page in his honour, which will allow people to leave their tribute messages, prayers and such like. On writing this, some 5,360 members had turned to the page.

Messages for Robert have been flooding the page and have included a wall posting from Kayley Tompkins who said, “Rip rob. Make sure you keep that gorgeous smile of yours blooming up there! Never forgotten! r.i.p.”

Tell us if you knew Robert Sebbage personally? Have you turned to Facebook to leave your own message? Please feel free to leave your added comments.

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