Facebook wins access to partnership agreement, emails in Paul Ceglia case

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook wins the Paul Ceglia case:

Paul Ceglia, the New York state man who claims he’s entitled to half of Mark Zuckerberg‘s multibillion-dollar stake in Facebook, will have to turn over a key document and emails to Facebook, a federal judge ruled Thursday during a three-hour hearing.

Attorneys for Facebook and Zuckerberg will soon have access to a document that Ceglia says is a 2003 partnership agreement with Zuckerberg. He also must give Facebook the original emails Ceglia said he exchanged with Zuckerberg.

Facebook’s forensic experts will also be allowed to examine Ceglia’s computers.

The Palo Alto company has said the agreement is a forgery and the emails fabricated.

Ceglia has until July 15 to produce the agreement and the emails. Five days later he will get access to emails from Zuckerberg’s Harvard University account.

A Facebook spokesman declined to comment. Ceglia’s new counsel, Jeffrey Lake in San Diego, could not immediately be reached for comment.

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