How Fast Google’s New Social Network Is Growing ?


Facebook has over 750 million users. More than 200 million Twitter accounts have been created. So just how big is Google Plus, the social network Google launched to the public on June 28, 2011?

Google has so far kept mum on the numbers, though Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has said there are “millions” of users on the service.

A number of users have attempted to unofficially gauge the success of the site by using a variety of metrics to estimate just how many users it has so far.

It should be noted that Google Plus launched as a “limited field test” and is being gradually rolled out to users — thus far, it is available only by invitation. Still, according to Google Plus user Paul Allen, founder and CRO of the popular Facebook application FamilyLink, Google Plus reached 11.5 million users as of Tuesday night and grew by 22 percent in 24 hours. This estimate uses one-third of the sample size of his previous samples and should be treated with less confidence than his previous estimates, Allen noted.

Allen previously announced when Google Plus had, by his calculations, reached 4.5 million and 10 million users. The growth rate in the last 24 hours “compares favorably” to his previously published growth rate of 30 percent in a 32-34 hour period, Allen told The Huffington Post by email Tuesday night.

Allen (unrelated to the Microsoft founder), is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded the website and is now the chief financial officer of FamilyLink. He has taken an interest in estimating the Google Plus user count and calls himself an unofficial Google Plus statistician on his Google Plus profile.

He has been estimating the Google Plus growth rate by comparing the number of names on Google Plus to the number of names in the 2000 U.S. Census.

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