Fastest Growing Countries on Facebook User’s in July

Facebook’s official user number is 750 million and it’s not likely to get updated any time soon. But even if the company is not showing off its growth anymore, it’s still seeing big improvements in some countries, with India leading in the past month.

According to numbers by Socialbakers, 2.5 million people signed up for the site in India in July, making it the biggest growth spur of the month.

With the surge in new users, Facebook reaches close to 32 million people in India. It’s a big number, but it’s still the third biggest country on the site, Indonesia has a solid lead on it, not to mention the US.

Number of User's in Facebook by Country

“In terms of growth, U.S. is not the fastest growing country anymore, but its India and Brazil. These countries have proved that their Facebook user growth can really rapidly grow, and even though Orkut is still a winner in Brazil, Facebook is gaining on it fast,” the site explained.

Brazil is not far behind India, with 2.1 million new users in the past month. In terms of growth, this is actually bigger than India, the site’s user base grew by almost 10 percent in Brazil in one month, compared to 8.5 percent in India.

Orkut may still have several million more users in Brazil, but this won’t last long and Google needs to start pushing Google+ if it wants to have a fighting chance.

The US is still faring well, growth slowed down for a while, but it’s back on track since there were 1.7 million more Facebook users in the country in July. The US enjoys a very solid lead with some 153 million Facebook users.

The runner up, Indonesia, only has slightly above 39 million users. However, there’s a lot of room for growth, Facebook only has a 16.12 percent penetration in Indonesia, compared to 49.34 in the US.

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