The Best Girl On Cam EVER! – Facebook Scam

Once again, Facebook is hit by a scam message that is reportedly spreading between users’  walls with a link to a cheeky video. The latest attack poses as a link to a video of a girl stripping herself in front of a webcam.

The scam message titled – “The Best Girl On Cam EVER!” with a warning message that indicate the user must be over 18 years of age to watch the video.


Earlier, we have reported such similar scams that were spreading virally on users’ wall. The message, use a variety of different links which all lead to the same page where you are asked to verify your age by clicking “Jaa”.

The latest scam does not have a “Jaa” button, but in order to view the video, the scammer asks you to share the video link manually on your Facebook wall.


After you have shared the video link on your wall, there will be no video shown, instead, you will be redirected to an online sex and swinger personals community website.

I recommend you not to click on the scam or share the video link on your wall. Scammers earn money by getting users to share video links or complete several surveys, and thus trick users by creating such scam messages.

You can mark the scam message as “inappropriate” by clicking the “X” mark on the top-right corner of the message. Alternatively, you can report the scam to Facebook Security. Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family so that they are not tricked into clicking on the enticing message.

Here’s an article on Avoiding Facebook Lifejacking and Clickjacking scams. We have also compiled a list ofActively Spreading Scams on Facebook for you to look through. You might also want to use a security application for protecting you from Facebook scams.

As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook.

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