Google Chrome Extension to spot Malicious Sites

logo of google chromeGoogle announced an extension for its web browser to recognize websites that could formulate users open to malware attacks.

Google Inc. has launched a latest and fresh tool known as DOM Snitch for its Chrome browser that would assist analysts and developers to ensign websites and recognize holes in their web applications in client-side code.

“We have implemented numerous approaches to seizing JavaScript calls to key and potentially hazardous browser infrastructure. Once a JavaScript label has been interrupted, DOM Snitch records the document URL and a total heap outline.” wrote Radoslav Vasilev, a security test engineer at Google in a blog post.

DOM Snitch is one of the numerous steps taken by the Mountain View, California based Google Inc. to develop web security. The company considers that web security will play a critical part in the prospect of web based businesses and consequently it is also functioning towards developing an elevated level of security for Chrome.

Skipfish and Ratproxy are two other code-testing tools on which Google has been giving most time for some time currently.

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