Google Drive Secrets Revealed In Blog Post

Google Drive, the search giant’s new cloud storage service, is hardly a secret anymore, and now we’ve got a handful of new details. The new information comes courtesy of an accidentally-published post on the Google France blog. While the post has since been deleted, Google+ user Fran├žois Bacconnet saved a copy of the text, and the translated document spills all of the details on Google Drive. As expected, the service will offer users 5GB of free storage space, a quota that doesn’t include the 1GB of space included with Google Docs. According to the translation, Google Apps business users will also be able to get a 20GB option for $4 per month, and another with a monumental 16TB, though no price is given for that seemingly implausible amount of cloud storage. The company promises the service will have a 99.9 percent uptime.

Google Docs and Drive will work hand-in-hand, according to the blog post. It’s said that you’ll be able to search your Google Drive and it’ll pull up not only file and folder names, but also text inside of documents, words picked up in a scanned document via OCR, and image matches using what sounds like the same technology found in Google Googles. Of course, with Google being Google, all of this works in the web browser: the company says that it can handle over 30 filetypes, including those from Photoshop and Illustrator. There will also be native apps for PC, Mac, and Android, with an iOS version “available in the coming weeks.”


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