Google+ For iOS Awaiting App Store Approval

Google+ is already available on Android and on the mobile web, but the search giant’s social network will soon make its debut on iPhone and iPad.

As Google technician Erica Joy revealed on Google+, “the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App store (no not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval.”

We knew the iPhone app was coming soon, but we didn’t think the iOS app was already completed and submitted to Apple for App Store approval. Based on our experience with the app store approval process, we beleive that the Google+ iOS app will debut sometime in the next two weeks.


Google+ is still in private beta and requires invites to access. Despite that restriction, Google+ has quickly become the hot topic of the social media universe. The reaction to Google’s social initiative has been mostly positive, but the company will have to prove that it can differentiate itself from Facebook while retaining users. Neither will be easy tasks.


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