Google+ for iOS Gets Search and Big Pics

Google+ThumbGoogle+ for iOS just got a little more useful with the addition of Search and the ability to upload full-resolution photos directly from your iOS device. These features, which Google added on Monday, work on all iOS 4.0 and later devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad tablet. No, this update — officially known as “″ — does nothing to enhance the visual experience on the iPad.

For now, though, anyone using the app on a handheld iOS device should find it faster and somewhat less buggy. In our brief tests, the full-photo-resolution upload worked smoothly. When we clicked on the details for an 8-megapixel image, it reported the resolution as 2,448 x 3,264 pixels. However, we couldn’t find any way within Google+ to view the image at its full pixel size. Even on the phone, we couldn’t pinch and zoom on our own uploaded photos. To do so, we had to download the image to our desktop. Then we could zoom in.

Google+ search on the iPhone worked well; there’s even an option to facet the search between People and Posts. The other new enhancement is the ability to +1 photos in your stream. There’s now a nice, big “+1″ in the upper right-hand corner whenever you view a photo. Tap and you’ve +1ed a photo. Commenting on the same photo appears unchanged.

So what do you think of Google’s latest Google+ update? Will it encourage you to check in more often via your iPhone or other iOS device? How do you currently use Google+ and are you as excited about it as you were three months ago? Share in the comments below.

via: mashable

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