Google+ hangouts goes live on YouTube

Google has turned on its ‘hangouts feature’, a Google+ group video chat tool, across its video sharing site YouTube.
Now underneath every video on YouTube, which Google owns, members of Google+, the search giant’s new social network, can click an icon to start a ‘hangout’.

Users need to click the share button under a video – which then reveals a little icon with a sign next to it saying: “Watch with your friends. Start a Google+ Hangout”.

The addition is being seen as a drive to boost the new social network’s numbers and interaction levels. The embedding of the tool is designed to make it easier to watch videos on YouTube with friends.

Brian Glick, Google+’s product manager, made the announcement via his profile on the social network.

The social media website, the addition of the capability is the first step towards Google+ members being able to activate hangouts around content which is being live streamed on the site. A few weeks ago, YouTube Live product manager Brandon Badge announced that this capability would be coming soon.

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