Google has announced a new Google+ share button

Google has announced a new Google+ share button that helps to differentiate the two services.

Google+ New Share Button code
Google+ New Share Button

The Google+ share button can be downloaded from the Google Developers site.  If you currently have the +1 button installed, there is no need to worry. The share functionality can also be accomplished with the +1 button.

The new button enables website operators to more easily encourage visitors to spread content among connections on Google’s social network. It’s the latest step in integrating the social network with content across the web.

The Share button joins the already existing +1 button, which enables Google+ members to indicate that they — for lack of a better term — like a page or an article.

Like Facebook’s share buttons, the new red and white button will allow Web site developers to help Google+ users spread the site’s content on Google’s social network.

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