Google+ Lampooned On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

google-plus-clapboardHas Google’s Circle-driven social network Google+ grown so fast that it’s ready for television viewing audiences? Maybe so.

Tuesday night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, technophile talk show host Jimmy Fallon and celebrity guest Seth Green, who was promoting Robot Chicken, talked up the latest techie obsession.

“Speaking of nerdy stuff, are you on Google+?,” Fallon asked Green. Green is, indeed, on Google+, though he’s merely “reserved his name.”

Fallon then polled the studio audience, asking if they were familiar with Google+. The crowd responded with tempered enthusiasm and confusion, and Green jokingly chastised them by saying, “Then, you’re clearly not a part of the new technological mafia.”

Google+ remained the topic of conversation for another minute or so, with Green adding that, “The best way to overthrow the Facebook giant is to offer something that’s invitation-only.”

Does the funny back-and-forth between Fallon and Green mean that Google+ is on its way to topic of mainstream conversation?

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