Google+ adds new features Post volume customization, new notifications, changes to pages

Google’s announced that Google+ will receive some new improvements over the next couple of days, including refined activity stream controls, more detailed notifications, a new photo lightbox, and a few changes to Google+ Pages.

google+ new features
Google+ noticications features

Horowitz had this to say in a Google+ post Monday morning:

I’m really thrilled to announce new features and functionality, all of which will be rolling out in the next day or so… These aren’t bells-and-whistles, but really deep improvements that I’m sure you are going to love.

The team knocked it out of the park… Huge congrats and thanks to the many folks who really gave of themselves to make this pre-holiday mega-launch possible. (I hope they find a moment to recharge during the holidays, because we have some awesome stuff planned for 2012!)
Enjoy, and as usual, tell us what you think so that we can learn, improve and adapt accordingly.

The first new feature is probably a long time coming for many users – a noise filter. Google will soon allow users to customize the volume of posts they see in their main Google+ streams from each contact – with a simple slider at the top of people’s specific pages. This way, in theory, heavy posters won’t be able to drown out everyone else on your stream.

After just recently introducing Google+ pages for businesses, Google has looked at all of the feedback and made some adjustments based on the top complaints and requests. One huge new thing that will be rolling out soon is the ability to add 50 different users as administrators to the pages.

There will also be a new notification system for admins as well as a very basic little page stat counter that allows admins to see page interaction – by way of +1′s and circle adds.

Another year-end improvement coming to Google+ involves photos:

Viewing a photo in Lightbox has been completely redesigned with improved navigation, enhanced comment legibility and better overall utility. This design makes the photo the hero, letting the content itself shine through. And we’re introducing a completely new photo-tagging experience that’s both fun and fluid, and lets you quickly focus on the people in your photos

Google will also roll out improved notifications for everyone with instant “sneak previews” and functionality that allows you to see all the +1s and shares that your posts receive.

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