Google Top Searches Today – Hot Google Search Words today

How to find out top Google searches today? What are the top 100 Google searches or top 10 Google searches today? Before answering these questions we need to understand that search engine trend is ever changing. This means that the most popular search term will change every day. Hot Google Search Words today

But certain keywords will appear there in the list of top searched words . For example Hollywood  or Bollywood Celebrities, Wallpapers , News, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing etc..

In this post we are not going to list down the most popular keywords on Google, but we will discuss about how can we find the hot search words on Google each day.
All the Major Search Engines provides some ways to provide the most searched words and phrases. So let us see what are the services provided by Google to find out the most searched words or phrases today.
As mentioned by Google there is a difference between Hot Searches and Hot Topics. “Hot Topics are popular topics mentioned in news, or on Twitter, FriendFeed and other such messaging services; Hot Searches are the fastest-rising searches.”

How to find out top Google searches today

Google provides certain services to find out the search trends and most searched words.Google Trends provides insights into broad search patterns.
Google Trends provides list of Hot Searches and it gets updated frequently.Hot Searches is updated hourly.Hot Searches reflects what people are searching for on Google today. The Google hot search list is based on aggregated data from millions of searches done on Google over time.

Top Google searches in USA
You can view most searched words on Google today
Google trends allows you to enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched on Google over time.  Also you can select a recent date in history to see what the top rising searches were on that day.Hot Google Search Words today

Top Google searches in India
You can view most searched words on Google in India today

Top Google searches in Singapore
You can view most searched words on Google in Singapore today

Google Trends is only available in English and in Chinese. Google Hot Searches is only available in English.In Singapore and India Google show information specific to those regions.


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