Graduating Engineers To Facebook

Graduating Engineers To FacebookWhat recession? Assuming two anonymous responders to a Quora post are telling the truth, there’s certainly no shortage of money for engineersjoining Facebook straight out of school.

Here’s the anonymous response to a Quora thread asking How much does Facebook pay a new grad software engineer:

I am graduating in the spring of 2012, and I was offered $100,000 in salary, a $50,000 signing bonus, $5,000 in relocation, and as many RSUs (restricted stock units) as necessary to be worth $120,000.

EDIT (in response to comments): The signing bonus is paid in its entirety before the start date (but it does have to be paid back if you don’t stay for at least a year). There are also semiannual personal and company performance bonuses. The RSUs vest over four years with a cliff each year.

A second anonymous user confirmed that he or she received the same offer.

Facebook’s starting package compared quite favorably with those from other tech firms mentioned by anonymous users on Quora:

  • Google: $100,000 base salary, $7,500 signing bonus, $150,000 in RSUs;
  • Twitter: $100,000 salary, $30,000 signing bonus, 16,000 RSUs.


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