Here’s What Gunman Posted to Facebook During Standoff


Gunman Jason Valdez kept police at bay during a 16-hour standoff in Salt Lake City, Utah. All the while, Valdez was updating his public Facebook profile, keeping friends and family members current on his status, via mobile phone.

Valdez’s Facebook profile, still accessible on Facebook, lives to recount the odd tale. Friends, family members and strangers continue to post messages on his wall.

On Friday, June 17, Ogden police attempted to serve Valdez with a felony drug warrant after a missed court appearance. He then barricaded himself inside a hotel room and proceeded to update his Facebook profile as the situation developed.

Valdez posted six status updates — the first one posted Friday, June 17 at 10:23 p.m. and the last Saturday, June 18 at 6:25 a.m. The updates are included in chronological order below. Valdez also uploaded two photos of a female who police characterized as a hostage, and added a least a dozen new Facebook friends during the ordeal.

The standoff ended when police stormed the room and Valdez shot himself in the chest with a handgun. Valdez is reported to be in critical condition

update June 17 10_23 pm

Update June 17 10_24

update June 17 11_09 pm

Update June 18 2_30 am

Update June 18 4_43 am

update June 18 6_25 am

June 18 Photo Upload

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