History of Dot Com Domain (Infographic)

The first domain name went to symbolics.com, it was registered on March 15, 1985 to a computer company in Massachusetts.

They produced single user computers running on the Lisp programming language. The company is now privately owned under the name Symbolics, Inc. and still holds the domain name.

The second domain name was registered on April 24, 1985 by bbn.com. The tenth registered name went to bellcore.com on March 5, 1986 nearly one year later. By the end of 1986, the Internet had 60 registered names with eleven companies registering on December 11. The 100th to register a dot com name was nynexst.com on November 30, 1987. Intel and Cisco were both among the first 100 .com names with Intel at #13 and Cisco at #73. Apple was in spot 64. Microsoft isn’t on the first 100 list.

Statista  has created interesting infographic about 27 Years of .com Domains:

27 Years of .COM Domain Dominance [INFOGRAPHIC]

History of .com Domains

27 Years of .com Domains (Infographic)

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