How business can reach their markets using social media?

Social media is one of the virtual communities and networks where people exchange their information and ideas.  We can define social media as a group of internet based or web based applications that are building depending on the technologies such as mobile technology or web based to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share, co-create, discuss and modify user generated content.


Please do not panic on seeing such big definition this has already been defined by people and this is not that much difficult to understand. Still defining here in simple words as social media is a mean through which we can share our thoughts, ideas, in the form of advertisement which is a creative form or in the form of blog or in the form of a video clip for a short duration. These are the things that people often view, discuss with their friends, colleagues and which will increase the market for the business. This is the major key of social media strategy of a business to reach the markets using social media.  According to the survey done by many people, internet users spends more of their time in social media or networking sites compared to any other web sites.

If we see how it will help us reach our business in market, it’s as simple as described. Creating a web site and advertisement for the business we do either it may be small or large, then people will start chatting or discussing about these advertisements and sites with their friends or others in social networking sites about both the good and bad utilities of the product.  These can be monitored using online reputation management tools for respective brands on internet. If a negative feedback is received then these tools will prompt for immediate action to avoid the situation becoming worse to manageable. These types of social media works will help you in positioning or increase your brand reputation and place you as an industry expert.  When you earn this status, it will help you to become the “go to” person in your industry which in turn creates additional opportunities to expand your brand’s presence on the internet through guest blogging or webcasts.

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest strategies in social media marketing where the results page with good rank will increase the likelihood that someone may stumble on you while searching for a product or service online. So it is important for us to create the contents or web sites in a creative and attractive manner which will increase the page rank instead of creating it for the sake of creating content though.  These search engines will take into consideration the quality of the content when ranking the page on a search engine result page. If it has poor quality content it will result in low page rank. On the whole it offers one of the most affordable ways to reach a wide span of prospective customers while helping to give your brand a voice to connect and engage with your online fans. Also depends upon your active participant on various social media channels which will increase the likelihood of your business online.

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