How Facebook’s stock has traded since the IPO

As shares of the social network tumbled after IPO, bankers, investors and analysts wondered what had gone wrong with the initial public offering of Facebook, the most highly anticipated technology debut in years.

Some fingers are pointing at Morgan Stanley, the lead banker on the I.P.O., while others criticize Nasdaq and even Facebook itself. In the aftermath, critics contend that Facebook’s offering price was too high and too many shares were sold to the public, hurting the stock’s performance out of the gate.

Although many investors had hoped for a big first-day pop, Facebook’s stock opened last Friday at $42.05 and fluctuated between $45 and $38 throughout the day. It closed barely above its IPO price, at $38.23.

FB stock price today
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)

Here’s how Facebook’s stock has traded since the IPO:

– Friday, May 18: Closed at $38.23, up 0.6 percent from IPO price.

– Monday, May 21: Closed at $34.03, down 11 percent for the day, down 10 percent from IPO price

– Tuesday, May 22: Closed at $31, down 9 percent for the day, down 19 percent for the week, down 18 percent from IPO price

– Wednesday, May 23: Closed at $32, up 3 percent for the day, down 16 percent for the week, down 16 percent from IPO price

Still, the final story for Facebook’s stock has yet to be written. quickly tumbled after making its public market debut in May 1997, trading well below its offer price of $18 a share for several months. A year after the I.P.O., Amazon had roughly quadrupled, and on Monday the shares closed at $218.11.

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