How much revenue does Facebook make per day?

Facebook is top social network site in world with ranking 2 worldwide. You will be amazed to see how much money facebook make per day. Here is some stats:


Revenue of Facebook in the first three quarters of 2011 was 2.5 billion USD.
2.5 billion x 1.3333 = 3.3333 billion dollar in 2011.

3.3333 billion divided by 365 is 9.132328 million per day.

Keep in mind:

  • Revenue growth is accelerating
  • Revenue is not equally spread over the year. The revenue in the holiday season is likely much higher than in January/February etc.

I think facebook should start program lik Adsense soon so everyone gets chance to earn with Facebook. Google have Adsense program and many people live by earning of adsense. So from my point of view Goole Rocks!!! Facebook owners are too much greedy.

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