How Often Should I Post to my Facebook Page?

People are constantly wondering if they are updating their page enough, or if they are drowning their followers with too much information. The answer to this common question, depends on which type of business you own. A Facebook page for a brand should be handled much differently than a page for a media company.

Brands only need to update their loyal followers when something truly significant happens with the company. This could be a new product, a new promotion, an exciting change, or any bit of information that people would actually be interested in hearing.

A media page on the other hand can be posted to several times per day and still be engaging. News and new content is constantly being produced and people who have “liked” the page will enjoy being informed through their news feed.

Here’s some cool data related to the subject from SocialBakers

On average, the top brand pages on facebook post 1 time per day

Chart : Top brand pages on facebook post 1 time per day.

And on average, the selected media pages post about 7 times per day

Chart : Facebook Page Post Per Day.

According to SocialBakers there really isn’t a magic number for the amount you should be posting. But, posting less than 2 times per week is not enough to maintain a social connection with your audience. They say that the average page should receive somewhere between 5-10 new posts per week.

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