How To Add Cover In Your Facebook Profile?

Facebook cover is new feature added by Facebook when its launched Timeline. Here is tutorial how do we add Facebook Cover in our profile:

To add a cover image to your timeline:

  1. Go to your timeline
  2. Click Add a Cover
  3. Choose whether you want to upload a new photo or pick a photo from one of your existing photo albums
  4. Once you choose a photo, you can reposition it by clicking on the image and dragging it up or down
  5. Click Save

facebook cover exapmle

Since your cover goes across the entire width of your timeline, the image you select for your cover has to be at least 720 pixels wide. This means you may not have the option to choose certain photos as your cover image, or you may get an error if you try uploading a photo that isn’t big enough. If the photo you want to use is too small, try uploading the photo in high resolution, or choosing a different photo.

Use Facebook Timeline Cover Now

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