How to change the Background Color of Image in Photoshop?

1. We can change the background color of image in Photoshop. I have some short technique or idea for changing BG color of image . First  open the image or document.Click on File_open  the file.OR press  Ctr l +’O’ and select the file.

photoshop open the file

2.After selecting image,you can select the background image using  ‘Quick selection tool'(press O),polygonal loss tool or other selection  tool. Clear the selecting  area by ‘Edit-clear’    Or  Press Delete(the layer should be unlocked).


3.Go Edit – Fill – Use color  and select the color. and click on Ok. OR,

Set the foreground color in tool bar.which color do you like in background select this color.than Press Alt+Delete.Than we find the change in background color .Than  save the file.

changecolor in photoshop

We Can see video for help.

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